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Let Freedom Ring -

On the 4th of July, there are celebrations all over the United States. Approximately "103 million" people will be attending some type of party to partake in the festivities associated with this holiday. Folks all over the U.S. break out their barbecue grills and shoot off fireworks in celebration of our freedom. Even though many Americans have created their own traditions, there is a much deeper history behind the 4th of July.

A Brief Overview

The 4th of July is meant to commemorate "the day in 1776 when the Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence." Thomas Jefferson is credited with being the primary contributor to this historic document. The Declaration was written after many battles were fought between early settlers and

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If you're looking for a great place to raise your family--a safe neighborhood where there is access to plenty of entertainment, enrichment, and more--Katy is a great place to be! This amazing city offers incredible chances to raise your children, grow your family, and more. If you need convincing, these ten reasons are a great place to start.

1. Great Public Schools

You want to be able to send your kids to great schools that you can trust--and Katy schools are the place to go. There's no need to worry about coming up with the money for private schools when you bring your kids to Katy and enroll them in Katy ISD. Instead, check out our great public school system, where many of the schools have incredibly high ratings that will have you clamoring

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